Our Programs


Our mentor program is the heart of THRU Project. We match a youth with a dedicated mentor who provides guidance and encouragement. Our mentors and youth are matched based on compatibility and location. Having one trusted adult to rely upon can make a significant impact in their life!

Supervised Independent Living

SIL is a voluntary Extended Foster Care placement where young adults (ages 18-21) can live on their own, while still getting casework and support services to help them become independent and self-sufficient.

College Housing

Our college housing program offers rent-free apartment style housing for up to 4 years for college students who have a history of foster care. This eliminates the worry of housing while working on their educational goals.

Next Step Vocational Housing

The vocational housing program offers rent-free apartment style housing for young
adults pursuing vocational training. The program allows youth to focus on their vocational career goals without the worry of housing.


We provide mental wellness support through occupational therapy, individualized counseling, and peer support groups. These services are available to all of our participants.

THRU Talks

Along with our community partners, we provide fun and educational life skills trainings on topics such as finance, health & fitness, nutrition, mental health, etc. Mentors are encouraged to attend with their youth!

Pass to Success

Having access to reliable transportation allows youth to obtain and maintain employment, continue their education, keep appointments and lead more independent lives. Our partnership with VIA allows us to provide bus passes to our youth to help assist with transportation.

Fostering Connections

We offer cell phones to the youth in our programs. Today's world runs on technology, and foster youth often exit foster care with very few resources. Providing access to communication allows them to maintain contact with their mentors, families, and friends.