Anyaondi's Story

I’m Anyaondi. I was born in San Antonio to two immigrant parents, my father being from the Democratic Republic of Congo and my mother from Mexico. My nine siblings and I were placed in foster care by Child Protective Services for child neglect when I was 3 years old. I moved from different foster homes for 6 years until my aunt was granted full custody of my siblings and me. I lived with my aunt in McAllen, TX until I moved back to San Antonio and lived under the supervision of my oldest sister.

When living under the care of my sister I lived in government-subsidized homes with friends or family, and motels. My oldest sisters supported our living with financial aid from college, student loans, working jobs, and financial support from my father. Because I moved around a lot, I decided to attend a charter school that allowed me to attend no matter what school district I lived in. It was at this school where I was able to graduate with my high school diploma as well as my associate’s degree to have an early head start at college.

I am now a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio and am studying to become a chemical engineer. Thanks to support from organizations like THRU Project, I have consistently made the Dean’s list for my academic achievements. THRU Project has provided me with housing for the past year so I can focus on my studies.

THRU Project has also provided me with my mentor, Patrick. Patrick has benefited me by giving me insight into the subtle details that make a successful college experience. I was unaware that to be successful in college I needed to be involved in things outside of class, but Patrick informed me that it is extremely beneficial to be involved in meaningful organizations. From giving me information on internship opportunities to giving me insight on getting a letter of recommendation, Patrick has been the person to help guide my efforts in the right direction.

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