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Young adults who were once in the foster care system, and no longer in care, ages 18+


The goal of the Next Step Housing- Vocational Program is to help foster youth achieve a lasting level of independence by completing trade certification training.


  • Young adults are required to fill out an application online; it is then reviewed by a THRU Project Housing Resource Coordinator.
  • Young adults are placed in one-bedroom apartments through our partnership with local property managers.
  • All apartments are fully furnished and near a bus line.


  • Must be enrolled into a vocational program (Restore Education, Project Quest, YWCA) prior to placement in the Next Step Housing Program.
  • Each participant must complete an online application and essay.
  • Thru Project’s Housing Resource Coordinators will interview each applicant, to ensure this program is the right fit for the youth.


  • THRU Project Housing Resource Coordinators meet with the young adults every month and have weekly check-ins in person to ensure the apartments are clean and provide any case management services the participant needs.
  • Housing Resource Coordinators will create individualized plans on each youth’s particular needs, and work with the vocational advisor the youth has been assigned, to ensure the youth is meeting their goals. As well as keeping them on the right track to self-sufficiency.
  • Each youth will use this opportunity to build and repair credit, pay off any debit, and build a savings account.


  • This program is funded through grants and private donations.
  • The program costs THRU Project $18,000/year for rent per participant plus the cost of furniture, household essentials, and case management.
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