THRU Project Life Skills Program

Foster children are moved around a lot. From placement to placement.
Learning important life skills often gets lost in the shuffle.

Our Life-Skills and Engagement Program came from recognizing that although THRU Project provides basic support such as bus passes, resource referrals, phones and job/education related assistance, our young adults oftentimes lack the life skills and positive networks necessary to break negative cycles.

cheerful man wearing glasses standing over chalkboard

THRU Project has developed a two-pronged approach that engages both youth and their volunteer mentors. Our goal is to host four workshop/events quarterly that focus on a particular skill. Topics will be chosen by the youth in our program; and may include cooking & nutrition, human trafficking, networking, communication, higher learning, and interview skills. The second part of each session will engage participants and volunteer mentors in team-building activities that are fun and create community.

Our goal for the Life Skills Program is that our youth begin to see themselves as a part of something bigger than themselves and know they are among people who understand their particular needs and situations.

Our society is ever changing, the pace is fast, and the demands are great. For even the most well-adjusted young adults, those challenges are overwhelming, but for individuals who have received little to no support, life can be daunting. Each session is focused on teaching skills to deal with life, providing knowledge for confidence, and offering resources, so they know their choices and options, taking responsibility for their futures.