Four out of every five youth with a history of foster care are diagnosed with serious mental health concerns. THRU Project identified mental wellness as a major gap in service to the young adults we serve with lived experience in the foster care system. As we begin our second decade of service in San Antonio and Bexar County, THRU Project is proud to launch BreakTHRU: a new initiative that provides a three-part approach to mental wellness. Participants will have access to counseling, peer support groups, and occupational therapy in an ongoing strategy to support our participants for as long as they need us.


Eligibility: Young adults must be at least 18 years old with a history of foster care, and living in Bexar or surrounding counties.
Program Services: Counseling is offered to help manage thoughts and feelings, reduce stress, and increase coping abilities. Occupational therapy can address the impact of stress on your daily life through learning new skills or creating new habits. Support groups offer an opportunity to connect with other young adults with similar experiences and learn how to maintain mental health.

If you are interested in receiving BreakTHRU services, you can make an appointment here!

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