Leave a legacy for youth with a history of foster care as they build successful futures. Including THRU Project in your will or estate plans is a great way to show your support of programs that allow youth to achieve their fullest potential.

Bequests and living trusts are often the simplest and most convenient types of legacy gifts. You may choose to give a percentage of your estate or all, or part of the residual that is left after all other bequests are made.

Starting a will is easier than you might think, and there are numerous free/low-cost options for completing a will online. A few popular options with high satisfaction and usage can be found below:




To make a bequest intention, please include the following statement in your will or living trust:

“I give and bequeath to THRU Project, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) for youth with a history of foster care, located in San Antonio, TX, the sum of $____ or ____ percentage of my residuary estate or the following described property: _______, to be used for general purposes.”

For more information about estate planning, please contact your financial or legal advisors. If you would like to learn more contact us HERE.