How You Can Help Former Foster Youth

Former Foster Youth Statistics:

In our Region 8-San Antonio, a foster youth has changed placements (foster home, group/emergency shelter, etc.) approximately 6.9 times and has spent an average of 44.8 months in care before exiting the system. With so much upheaval and uncertainty, one can understand the desire of many youth to leave state care the minute they turn 18. 

But where do they go? 


At THRU Project, we bridge the gap between state care and adulthood. THRU Project connects former foster youth with the services and resources available to them; our Mentors provide the guidance and encouragement.

If you choose to become a mentor with THRU Project, you could be the first guiding force and consistent contact in that youth's life who hasn't been paid for by the state. You can help them achieve a life of independence instead of becoming another statistic. 

How to Become a Mentor

Attend one of our monthly Mentor Information & Training sessions listed below. Click here to complete a THRU Project Mentor Application prior to attending the session


Get a jumpstart to your training by downloading THRU Project's Training Manual.

Ongoing: Volunteer to Mentor a Youth
Help when you can: Offer resources as needs arise
Spread the word: Refer a foster youth or a mentor

FACT: Each year, 1,500 foster youth in Texas

age out of the foster care system.


Thousands age out of foster care without a permanent home or family support. 

Many of these young adults become homeless, pregnant, or incarcerated.


For this often-forgotten group, having a mentor can make the difference between statistic or success!

High School

Former Foster Youth are twice as likely to drop out of high school


Only 3% of foster youth will graduate college. The national average is 68%


70% of female foster youth will give birth at least once before age 21.


50% of the US homeless population was in foster care at one point


30% of males formerly in foster care will be incarcerated by age 19. 

Other Ways to Help


Join our THRU Connections Network by emailing

We will email notices (no more than once per week) noting a particular item or service needed by one of our young men and women. If you can help, then just reply back!


Given the hundreds of youth who age out in our area each year, we are always in need of mentors and we are always outreaching to those youth.

To refer a mentor or a youth to THRU Project, contact us at


Mentor trainings are online until further notice. To inquire about scheduling a training, contact

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