Topic of the Month: Careers

Even for youth that are still in high school, it is important to discuss what they may be interested in pursuing as a career. If they are out of high school, and not enrolled in college, this is a very important conversation to have. 


Topics to Discuss:

  • What do you think you want to do? 

    • How do you think you can get there? School? Certification course? 

  • Do you have a resume? If not, work together to create one. 

  • Practice interview skills, i.e. hand shakes, professional language, reviewing mission statements prior to the interview, etc. 

Additional Ideas: 

  • Take them to visit your workplace, if permitted

  • If you have  connection with someone that does what your mentee is interested in, ask if they can shadow, or at least have a conversation with the individual 

  • Encourage your mentee to attend job fairs to explore their options 


If your mentee is unsure, has no idea, or is apathetic about the idea of a career, perhaps you could encourage them to complete one of the online aptitude tests found at the link below:


Also, for additional support and resources on the topic of careers please visit the UIW Career Services page listed below for just about anything your mentee may need some assistance with from resume building, and social media profiles, to salary negotiation. This has been the most helpful resource we have found, but definitely feel free to do some research of your own if you’d like.

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