Topic of the Month: School

For some mentees, this may mean finishing high school or obtaining a GED. For others, this may mean looking into an Alamo College (Community College in the San Antonio area), a trade school, or a 4 year university. Talk with your mentee about what they feel ready for, and help them to be realistic in their goals. *Remember, anyone that has been in foster care in the state of Texas is eligible for tuition and fee waivers at any state school. 


Topics to Discuss: 

  • How was your high school experience? Are you academically inclined? 

  • Discuss the differences between community college v. 4 year university, remind them that community college is not a bad thing, it’s a great way to “get your feet wet” and try out different classes before committing to a major at a university. 

  • Do some research into which schools have the program your mentee is interested in, there is something for everyone! Palo Alto, for example has a great cosmetology program! 


Additional Ideas: 

  • Take them to visit some campuses around San Antonio. All schools have “Campus Visit Days” for prospective students, encourage your mentee to look into schools they may be interested in, find out when the Campus Visit Day is, and attend with them! 

  • If you attended college within a reasonable driving distance, take them to your alma mater!


If you need help figuring out what resources your mentee should look into please contact either Chris Lopez at, Robyn Parker at or Sarah Waltz at and they would be happy to help!

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