There are only a few more steps to go ... our youth are worth it! We appreciate your patience and diligence as we ensure that WE comply with state guidelines as well as keep the safety of our youth as our top priority.

If you'd rather email or mail these documents, scroll to the bottom of this page for alternate instructions.

#1: Download, fill out, & SAVE the required DFPS - Department of Family Protective Services background check form to your desktop

#2: Fill in your name:

#3: Click the button below and upload the DFPS background form that you filled out & saved to your PC (you'll submit all forms at once at the end):

Upload Your Background Check
Max File Size 15MB

#4: We need two (2) forms of ID to process everything. Below is the link to upload form of ID #1 (drivers license or at least one photo ID). You can take a clear photo with your phone and upload.

Upload Form of ID #1
Max File Size 15MB

#5: Last step! One more form of ID:

Upload Form of ID #2
Max File Size 15MB

Please Note it may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete the background check.

You will be informed by email as soon as it is complete.

If you would feel more comfortable emailing us these documents, please email them to our Program Manager.

Or mail them to:

THRU Project 

8103 Broadway, Suite 201

San Antonio, TX 78209

8103 Broadway, Suite 201 
San Antonio, Texas 78209

210-852-0220   |

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