Tis' the Season to Be Thankful

Fundraising is a never-ending treadmill when you run a nonprofit. 

Between getting our kids what they need and keeping the lights on, a nonprofit is always looking for the next source of funding. 

At THRU Project, we are so thankful for our private donors, our foundation donors, our grant donors, and our private donors who have helped us tremendously throughout the years with growing our various programs and/or operating costs.

THRU Project has two major grantors this month which we would like to take a moment to thank them. 

WITH THEM ... we are able to do so much more for housing former foster youth and ultimately helping our youth find their way to success! 


Thank you Hixon Properties for their annual pledge of $10,000 per year for the next five years! 

This is a most amazing gift! 


No one really makes a big “to do” about a General Operating Grant, but we do. Especially because a lot of our expenses go to boots-on-the-ground like our incredible staff who help recruit the youth that we bring into our program. Not to mention sourcing our volunteer mentors who support our youth.

Thank you for this $25,000 grant which will help us in our youth outreach as well as maintain those youth whom we can house. 


We are still raising funds to bridge the gap between our housing funds for the next year of potential housing graduates. We are trying to raise $50,000 towards our 2020 housing program.

If you think this program is only a hand-out, then you're wrong. It's more of a hand-up in how we teach our youth to save for their futures and require them to put away a certain amount of savings every month while in our program. That savings amount increases for them every month, so while our youth are enjoying free rent, they still have to save a significant amount to their savings each and every month.

Please consider donating to help us continue our Next Step Housing Program which has been proven to teach former foster youth the power of saving for their futures.

Text: THRU to 91999 to donate or click here: http://ow.ly/YZPa50xqChS

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