To say that 2020 was challenging would be an understatement ... for probably everyone. 

Especially for our former foster youth, many whom desperately required additional emergency services like groceries and rent assistance just to survive into the next month. 

For our staff, the new "norm" of COVID brought many challenges in how we deliver our programs to our youth as well as how to fundraise to support those programs. We weren't sure where we would stand come 2021.  

Our annual gala, which is when we raise our entire annual budget in one night, was successful as a virtual production. However, some technical challenges out of our control created obstacles for some of our donor participants and we fell about $40,000 short of our comfort zone goal of $160,000 to ensure all of programs would have a strong start in 2021.

We're setting a $40,000 goal for our end-of-year fundraising campaign and asking our supporters to help us "Step Into 2021" with a strong lead! 

Running Track


Your end of year donation to THRU Project is tax deductible. You can help us finish the year strong and ensure that our programs maintain our level of quality and consistency despite a challenging year from COVID.

Consider making a monthly recurring gift to THRU Project youth. A little each month goes a long way in how we can help reach these youth. 


will provide two (2) youth, one (1) month worth of cell phone service


will ensure that three (3) youth

have all the tools they need to continue their education


will help connect a youth

to a trusted adult volunteer mentor


THRU Project invites you to join a collective effort to walk, jog, hike, swim, bike, dance of 1,200 miles. Why 1,200 miles? That is the number of youth who age out of the foster care system in Texas, each year! Help bring awareness to the unique needs of hundreds of foster youth who step into adulthood more often than not alone.

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